6-Hour Timer 60-Watt PAR-30 Halogen Smart Guardian Bulb

It stays on for 6-hours, goes off for 18.

The Smart Bulb is the first line of defense for home security. Turn it on at a specific time, it will stay on for 6-hours, go off for 18 and come back on the next day at the same time. Use one of these bulbs for front and backyard lighting, turn them on at different times, and it will appear that someone is in the house when you are away. They become your guardians!

There is a computer chip in the bulb’s base that controls the light. It contains patented Soft Start technology that eliminates the electrical shock to the filament which over a period of time burns out the bulb. We estimate that Soft Start extends the bulb’s life 2 or 3 times. It is guaranteed for 2-years!
6-hour timer creates illusion that somebody is home.

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  • Once activated the bulb will stay on for 6-hours, turn off for 18-hours and come back on at the same time the next day
  • Last up to 3x longer than traditional bulbs
  • Fits into all standard sockets
  • 60-Watt halogen outdoor light
  • 2-year unconditional guarantee
  • 2-year unconditional guarantee
Item # Details Color Bulb Wattage
276 PAR-38, Halogen Clear 90-Watt
261 A-19, Halogen Clear 42-Watt
260 Rocco, Shatter-Resistant White 60-Watt
262 A-19, Halogen Frosted 42-Watt
270 R-20 Plant Light 42-Watt
263 A-19 Bug Light 60-Watt