Auto-Off 10-Minute 60-Watt Shatter-Resistant Rocco Smart Timer Bulb

Created for those who forget to turn the lights off in the closet, bathroom, or any other room in your home.

These Smart Bulbs can be used in any standard base socket and will automatically turn off. But before they do, they will warn you by blinking one minute before they go off. If you are going to stay longer in the room, just flick the wall switch and they will remain on for an additional 10-minutes. This bulb's 10-minute auto-off feature is recommended for basements, garages, dressing rooms and more.

There is a computer chip in the bulb’s base that controls the light. It contains patented Soft Start technology that eliminates the electrical shock to the filament which over a period of time burns out the bulb. We estimate that Soft Start extends the bulb’s life 2 or 3 times. It is guaranteed for 2-years!

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  • Once activated the bulbs have a built-in timer to automatically turn off
  • Flick the switch and the bulb will stay on longer
  • Bulb warns you one-minute before turning off by flashing
  • Last up to 3x longer than traditional bulbs
  • 2-year unconditional guarantee
  • Acts like a traditional 60-watt light bulb
  • Can be reactivated by turning the switch
  • 2-year unconditional guarantee
Item # Details Color Bulb Wattage
200 Rocco, Shatter-Resistant White 60-Watt
201 A-19, Halogen Clear 42-Watt
202 A-19, Halogen Frosted 42-Watt