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Smart Electric Worldwide Product Launch on

Posted: Jul 24, 2013
Smart Electric is pleased to announce its worldwide product launch on As of July 2013, Smart Electric's initial line of Smart Bulbs are available for sale on the online retailer's site. The (5) products currently on include:

Smart Guardian Bulb:6-Hour Timer
Smart Timer Bulb: Auto-Off 10-Minute
Emergency Flasher Smart Alert Bulb
4-Level Dimmer Smart Bulb
Good Night Dimmer Smart Bulb

These long-life incandescent bulbs combine Thomas Edison's lighting creation with today's microchip technology. Smart Bulbs are easy to use and can be activated with the flick of a switch. Our Smart Bulbs save energy and provide the right amount of light needed for any situation. Tough coated and shatter-resistant, Smart Bulbs can be used in most standard base sockets. 

All Smart Bulbs have a small computer chip in the base, which controls the light. Included is our patented Soft Start technology that eliminates the electrical shock to the filament that over time burns out the bulb. We estimate that Soft Start extends the bulb’s life 2 to 3-times. 

Our Smart Bulbs sold out in the first week they were introduced on! But don't worry, our products are back in stock for you to purchase at this time. 

The demand for our products has been so great we are going to expand our offering and include LED bulbs in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on Smart Electric products and check out our Where to Buy page. 

Smart Electric's mission is to provide lighting to what matters most with innovative technologies to help bring light bulbs into the 21st century.

Smart Electric was founded by two executives of a legacy lighting brand, Stan and John Angelo; the inventor of Smart Bulb technology and holder of over 40 patents, Sam Johnson; and one of the largest Asian light bulb manufacturers, JK Electric. 

In the future, Smart Electric plans on introducing its "Smart Technology" into other bulb types, including LED’s, compact fluorescent lamps and Smart Lighting Fixtures. 

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