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Introducing Smart Electric's new Smart Bulbs.
Long life incandescent light bulbs that save energy
and may even save your life!

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Welcome to Smart Electric

We are in an age where we have control over virtually every aspect of our lives – from smart phones to smart cars – but when it comes to light, not much has changed since the days of Thomas Edison. Smart Electric  is creating lighting solutions for the home, office and everywhere in between that solve many of our everyday needs. The result? Smart Electric’s new Smart Bulb – a long-life incandescent light bulb that saves energy and may even save your life!

Our Smart Bulb line of products work with your current fixtures and lamps to create a custom lighting solution that will make light do more! No expensive rewiring or electrician costs – simply select the right Smart Bulb product for your needs, insert into a lamp or light fixture, and relax! There is a Smart Bulb for every one of your needs:

  • Smart Bulb Emergency Flasher™
  • Smart Bulb Dimming Night Light™
  • Smart Bulb 4-Level Dimmer™
  • Smart Bulb 10-Minute Auto Off™
  • Smart Bulb 30-Minute Auto Off™
  • Smart Bulb Cycle Timer™

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There's a small computer chip in each bulb’s base

This computer chip contains a unique circuitry called Soft Start©

Soft Start© circuitry controls the initial power surge to the bulb

The bulb's filament ultimately receives less electric shock, which allows Smart Bulbs to last up to 3x longer than standard bulbs

Smart Electric's products may be purchased at the online at


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Emergency Flasher Smart Alert Bulb™
Emergency Flasher Smart Alert Bulb™
Use the bulb in an outdoor fixture such as a post light or lantern on the house for optimal results.
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4-Level Dimmer Smart Bulb™
4-Level Dimmer Smart Bulb™
Light control built into the bulb and can be used in any socket.
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Smart Timer Bulb: Auto-Off 10-Minute™
Smart Timer Bulb: Auto-Off 10-Minute™
An environmentally friendly, energy saving, bulb with a built-in computerized automatic timer.
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Good Night Dimmer Smart Bulb™
Good Night Dimmer Smart Bulb™
The light will gradually dim over 20-minutes to nightlight level.
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